Friday Night Funkin is a musical game created by a Canadian developer in the Haxe programming language. The main character of the game - the guy, in order to win the favor of the Girl, must pass several musical levels and defeat all the opponents. Use the link on this page and download the official version of Friday Night Funkin free.

The game includes tutorials for beginners. The game itself is divided into several weeks (levels), each week has a new opponent and several music tracks. For each level, you can choose any difficulty: easy, medium or heavy. The game can be played in free mode, without levels, just playing any song.

Game levels

  • Week 1: The guy must defeat the girl's father in a rap battle.
  • Week 2: In this musical battle, Guy battles the lemon-headed monster and his friends.
  • Week 3: Guy faces a musical battle with his old friend.
  • Week 4: On the roof of the limo, Guy faces a musical battle with his Girlfriend's mom.
  • Week 5: In this level, the opponent will be the Monster, who will try to defeat Guy with hallucinations.
  • Week 6: Once inside the game, Guy is forced to fight a musical battle with the Spirit, who wants to take over his body.
  • Week 7: Guy is forced into a rap battle with the leader of a group of aggressive soldiers.

The program works on Android, Mac OS, Linux and iOS operating systems.

How to download Friday Night Funkin

Download the file that is on this page. Then open it and wait for the program to be fully installed. Once the app is installed, open the game.


The game has gained popularity thanks to its large fan club and numerous game review videos on YouTube, Twitter, Tik-Tok and Twitch. Even users who have never played the game will easily recognize the hilarious cartoon characters of Girl and Boy from Friday Night Funkin.